Middlesbrough Wedding Photography – Kara & Chuch – Part 1 – 21/05/11

We were in Middlesbrough at the weekend for what I can only describe as a full weekend of wedding photography extravaganza. When we met Kara and Chuch they explained to us how they wanted to bring their two cultures together and asked if we would be prepared to not only photograph their wedding in Hemel Hempstead in a few weeks time (now referred to as act three by us all) but also travel to Middlesbrough for the first part or parts as I will explain. On Saturday morning we started off at Judges Hotel for the Civil ceremony. There were no getting ready or detail shots apart from the few we did at the hotel just prior to the ceremony ( we are doing that bit in Hemel Hempstead). Kara wore a traditional wedding dress with veil and looked stunning as she stepped out of the car with her parents. She already had tissue in hand before she had even got inside the hotel, bless her. Chuch looked equally handsome in his traditional suit. There were some lovely readings and the ceremony was really perfect. After some photos in the gardens we went to Chuch’s old school in Yarm, which was ten minutes away. One of his old teachers stopped to congratulate him and we did a very quick photo shoot in the grounds. However, this was only the beginning and the full colourful weekend wedding extravaganza was only about to begin (Act 2)

Here below is the traditional bit. Come back soon to feast your eyes on the very colourful Nikaah, Mehndi and Valima which are the Asian marriage ceremonies, hen night with dancing, Henna painting and finally Sundays full wedding reception (Valima). Can’t imagine what act three will be like in a few weeks time. How you and your families have put this all together I have no idea but it was such a pleasure photographing and being involved with it all.

Thank you Kara, Chuch and everyone at Middlesbrough for making us feel so welcome and for all the lovely food and favours.

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