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I really like creating flat lays or lay flats as some people like to call them. If you are a new wedding photographer or don’t have a lot of time they are a very useful way of getting ahead in the morning. When I have shot a wedding alone in the past I want to get the detail shots quickly so that I can spread my time between the Bride and Groom. I have also used flat lays for christenings to get all the gifts recorded quickly. I also think that they are useful for anyone who likes to blog recipes and food or even crafts. You can collect beautiful spring or autumn foliage with squashes and pumpkins or sea shells and lavender for example and make some pretty shots for Instagram. Today we are looking at wedding stationary. I find that creating pretty details in the morning elevates my photography. I start off as creative as possible constantly looking around for ideas and I stay in that mind set.

Most houses or venues have an even wooden floor which makes for a great back drop. I love the shot below with the parquet flooring which I was lucky to find waiting at the Brides home. You can also buy small backdrops which are good to keep in the car. You then need to find some good lighting so ideally you need to be looking for a patio door or open the front door and do them in the hallway. If you have a room with a sky light be sure to do the shot under there. If you are not a photographer and don’t have any lighting and the other options don’t work you can always use a daylight bulb in an angle poise lamp. For the shot with the paint and brushes below I used an upside down bushel box and added in the other items. You want to be shooting at roughly f5.6 to get everything in focus. The speed should be fast enough for you to hand hold, for me it needs to be at least 1/80 sec.

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