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How to prepare for a baby shoot in your home

I know from experience that many people worry about me coming to their home as they see my shots of hotel rooms that are perfect and think their home needs to be a certain way. I have been in many homes in my long career and have seen it all. Newborns don’t take up very much room and I will shoot close in if you are worried about how your home looks. You don’t need to clean the house from top to bottom. I know you have given birth recently, I know you are tired and I know you don’t have much time as you are spending hours looking after your new little addition. When I had my son for the first week I didn’t get dressed until lunchtime and wondered if my life was ever going to change. Don’t get me wrong I loved him to bits but feeding and bathing seemed to take hours. Then you get into a routine and it all falls into place. If I come along and there is an opportunity to include your decor, especially if you love what you have achieved in your home, of course I would love to show a bigger picture as well as some closer shots. Good window light is also something else I look for.

Try to work out when your baby is most likely to be settled

I know this might not be easy and even if you do work it out there are no guarentee’s it will work out like that on the day you have booked me. If this happens don’t worry, I will be flexible and wait until you have settled your baby. There would be no increased charges and it won’t eat into your time. It is more important to me that you are relaxed and your baby is happy. During any feeding I can take some gorgeous feet and hand shots. If you are happy for me to photograph you feeding your baby I am happy to take photos. This is your choice.

What about props ?

I do have some props such as muslin cloths, blankets and furs. It is nice to use yours but I bring mine along anyway to make sure I have everything I need covered. This also enables me to take more variety for you but if you have a selection you would love to use that’s also fine.

Before I arrive, gather some blankets and toys together.

If you want me to use your own blankets and baby toys this is not a problem. Adding your babies toys to the shot is always a great idea. It is best to keep the outfits simple. Neutral colours like grey beige or white. no stripes or slogans as these distract from your baby. A second outfit on hand is always a good idea. For everyone else in the family who will be in the pictures it is a good idea to go for soft colours or neutrals.

Turn up the temperature in the winter

I do love to get shots in just a nappy. Baby skin is beautiful. If your baby is cold he/she may not settle so make sure the room is warm. I only need a small area to work in a room. either the lounge on the floor, the sofa or on your bed. I am happy to bring a clean white duvet if yours is multi coloured. If you need to stop to feed your baby that is fine with me. I really do understand.

This image was captured on the floor in a very small space. he was just two weeks old.
I always like to capture some details.

Do have any other members of your family and yourself prepared for the shoot. You don’t need to go out and buy new clothes but neutral colours do work better. If you can have these prepared ready it would make the shoot run more smoothly.

Do I wait until baby is sitting up ?

This is your choice. Sometimes I carry out both and come to an agreement re cost. Some people like to wait until their child is sitting up and smiling. Some clients like to wait two to three weeks after birth. In America there is a trend for birthing shoots and they are very moving. I did work in the operating theatres and was part of a C section team. For this reason I may be allowed in if you would like this. obviously home births are your choice but do run this past your midwife. The majority of clients will choose around three weeks old or around six months old.

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