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Styling the details

I have always enjoyed styling the detail shots and love to make them personal to each wedding. I often, depending on time, I pick little flowers at the venue and yes I carry small florist scissors with me. I know, a little different maybe but I think it is important to make every shot the best and most professional it can be. Over Easter I got into watching a TV series over on prime called “The Lost kitchen ” I was thrilled that they had a similar approach only they style their food with edible flowers. It was right up my street and had a good back story. One day I hope to visit that restaurant as I love the way they pay so much attention to the little details and to everything they do. So inspired by that I thought I would look back on a few shots of my styling with flowers over the years.

In the morning, I found some pampas grass that suited the woodland feel of this particular forest Lodge wedding. I had noticed the little button holes had mini grasses and asked the Brides Mum if I could raid her floral arrangement in the hallway. Each of the Bridesmaids had been given a different colour ring as a gift from the bride and Groom and I threaded them all along the fluffy end of the grasses. I also had noted the Brides bouquet had the same little grasses and knew everything would sit together well in an album. The button hole with the amber lights was actually the kitchen worktop with lights reflected onto it. I always pay attention to the finer details so that the final set of images sit together beautifully.

Sometimes just placing jewellery amongst the foliage in the garden works well especially with the texture of the moss. Adding Texture is always a great way to enhance images of any kind. The image below, one of my favourites, was created using a concrete windowsill at the venue. When it comes to ring shots, the best men often panic and stay with me while I take the shot. Quite right ! It’s not always possible to create this sort of shot if the rings are elsewhere in the morning as I never ask the couple to remove thier rings once they are married.

If I can find a table top with a lot of texture I know it will make a great background. The Bride and Groom chose a Mediterranean vibe with lavender and I found some growing in the garden and used it for the jewellery. Once again thinking of how the shots may want to marry up in an album

For these images I was thrilled to find the antlers sitting around at the venue actually in the gardens. Although not flowers I loved using them for their texture and form. This wedding was pretty, slightly boho and uber relaxed with a lot of dusky pink. I always think that if a couple has gone to all this trouble to co ordinate everything then I should add to that and photograph the details to enhance this. As there is two of us I have the time to add these touches and thoughts.

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