Suffolk Wedding Photography – Kris & Kristie

We were back again in my own county of Suffolk for Kris and Kristie’s very pretty wedding. The couple were extremely fortunate to be able to use Kristofer’s family home for their wedding venue. We visited Applebrook before the wedding for the pre wed shoot and were able to have a tour of the home. It was gorgeous without being dressed for a wedding but to see it on the wedding day was an absolute treat. The whole family had worked so hard and put so much effort into the styling. We arrived to find bunting everywhere and once inside the Marquee we were blown away. I always take extra time to get very pretty detail shots for the bride and was spoilt for choice. I especially liked the mismatched china and vintage typewriter. Kris had spent time making a wallpapered photo frame which was very effective and great fun. The couple even had a neighbour willing to lend them a vintage car. Usually at weddings the car dissapears quite quickly but this one stayed until almost dark which proved very handy.  It poured in the afternoon when we were photographing the family groups and it was great after dinner to use the car for the rest of the shots. The two families bonded very well and were already playing practical jokes on one another.  I can imagine Christmas in the future with the two families at the barn, absolute best friends having parties and family gatherings and who knows in the future some little ones playing in the car saying this was Mummy and Daddies wedding car. Reminds me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or the Great Gatsby, such a romantic day.

Best wishes to you all.

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