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We are both professional photographers (Karen-Marie and Doug) based in Cambridgeshire and also married. We have been photographing Weddings, Portraits and commercial work since 2009.

After suffering a clot on the lung at a young age, Karen changed her career as a nurse in the operating theatres and went into professional photography. "I knew I was in the wrong job when I was involved as part of the team in a very interesting operation but was more interested in one of the nurses new baby photos. She had been to a studio and I just thought this is what I want to do. The clot around the same time was a wake up call."Life is short so do what makes you happy". she entered some of her Portrait work into a competition and won out of hundreds of photographers. The prize was a years bespoke Photography course with business training. Absolutely perfect timing ! Although Karen wanted to focus on children's photography, the course also introduced her to the idea of shooting weddings and It wasn't hard to persuade Doug to join her. When they started out professionally they hoped someone may just like their work. It quickly took off and they now have shot countless weddings. "We have met so many wonderful people, genuine lovely couples and families and also along the way, singers, actors, footballers. All kinds of faiths all kinds of personalities. We have had a blast.". Karen has now gone full circle and enjoys capturing new babies and families.


Doug (known to his friends as Dougie) has gone on to have front covers on books and magazines and has sold commercial images all over the world. He has also written tutorials for leading photography magazines. He grew up in Pembrokeshire and is one of the nicest guys you could meet. Very humble, very kind. He makes a mean sourdough and is currently learning piano. Karen-Marie is very easy going, and extremely calm. She is great with children. She also likes to style shoots and works with her clients to get the look they are after. She will take the time to find out what her clients want from the shoot and then will help create it. She loves her garden and everything flora related. She practices yoga and also paints. She grew up in Suffolk in an arty family surrounded by brushes in jam jars but also spent five years living in America which influenced not only her photography style but her appreciation of good customer service. They love to travel and often visit Cornwall and Scotland.



We value

Beautiful light,

Good Times & kindness


Flowers growing in the garden,

A peaceful mug of tea before the chaos of the day begins,

Stunning artwork & creativity,

Family gatherings,

Travel and staycations,

Good books and films that touch your soul and remain.





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