Hello, thanks for taking a little look. We are Karen and Doug, photographers, friends and obsessive picture makers. When we first met we often went for long relaxed walks bringing along our cameras searching for beautiful light and subjects on the way. The walks just seemed to fly by. Skip to the present and here we are now married and experienced wedding and portrait photographers creating beautiful images and capturing moments that you will love. Of course, it didn't just happen, there was much hard work, learning, assisting and various courses in between. 

Doug contributes to many publications including Country Life magazine and his flower and nature images are used worldwide. You can also expect high quality images taken throughout your wedding day often from two angles bringing you a mixture of details, portraits and those candid moments you may not be aware of. Our approach is to quietly work from the sidelines not taking over your day, fitting in with your guests. I am fortunate to have had the privilege to have worked alongside some of the best photographers in the industry and will always be grateful to them for sharing their skills, wisdom and time. The images we create  will always be stylish but relaxed with an editorial look. I particularly love to create dreamy soft fine art. I have been influenced by growing up in Suffolk with an artist Dad surrounded by watercolours and paint. I love to style all the gorgeous details. You deserve nothing more after all the time you have taken choosing flowers, shoes and that amazing dress. We really do appreciate how much work you have put in to make your day perfect. While Doug loves to disappear into the background and capture candid moments I am always busy elsewhere. We manage between us to get an awful lot covered. When we return home after any wedding or shoot we back everything up straight away and although we try not to, we just can't help having a look at what each other has captured. We were told it would stop and the excitement would wear off but it never has.

We both make friends very easily and have kept in touch with many of our clients returning to capture their children and events. We often end up photographing weddings of other siblings or members of the wedding party when they go on to get married. Check out our testimonials over on our info page to learn more.

We began shooting weddings in 2009 and are based in Cambridgeshire.