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Simon and Fenella tied the knot a few weeks ago in the pretty little village of Ashwell in Hertfordshire. This wedding was pure country all the way. The reception and the bridal prep was all just a short walk away at her families farm where they had installed a marquee in the back garden. The bridal prep in the farmhouse was lovely for photographs with all the pretty beams and leaded windows. The boys had a lot of fun with Simon, someone had decided to draw a smiley face on the bottom of his shoes which you could see when he was walking along and made everyone else smile including Simon. A lovely touch was their gorgeous lab waiting for them when they came out of the church wearing matching flowers on his collar. Back at the farm, dogs roamed and the children were treated to Donkey rides which was great for them out in the sunshine. A bit like a country fete. The horse that pulled the carriage they returned to the farm in also belonged in the family and had the most beautiful face to photograph. Doug had a bit of a laugh as well with the horse and carriage. When they left they negotiated a tight bend. On the corner of the bend was a silver car and being very clean and shiny I noticed a reflection as they started to pass by. I waited patiently as I wanted Simon and Fenella’s  reflection in the front window of the car. After I got my shot, we all waved the couple off and we went off to find our car. As we strolled along I excitedly said to Doug that I had waited for this particular picture and explained how the horse and carriage had negotiated its way around the car. “Glad it wasn’t my car” I laughed and in the next breath I asked where we were parked. He looked at me puzzled and laughed as we walked towards the very same car. I then realised it was our car ! I was in such a photography zone I had forgotten we had parked there. Luckily the carriage drivers were very experienced but it was a funny moment.  I loved the style of the wedding cake. These un- iced cakes have recently been very popular for country weddings. We were treated to a piece served with fresh strawberries and it was really really good and amazingly baked by a family friend. I thought it was professional and tasted better than some that I have tried that were professional so full marks to that lady 🙂 She should be very proud of herself. The party got off to a flying start early evening and as soon as the music started everyone was up which is always great to see.

Simon and Fenella we really enjoyed getting to know you and your families. Great wedding to be part of  x

Karen and Doug xx

Make Up Artist/Hairdresser –  Tori Harris

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