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Newborn Photography Cambridge – Baby Amala

I really enjoyed photographing little Amala who is four weeks old but tiny as she was a few weeks early. She is doing very well and feeding lots. She did want to feed a fair bit of the time but Indira was happy for me to continue. I always ask when it comes to breast feeding as everyone feels differently. In between I captured some lovely full of milk peaceful moments. I just love watching what babies are doing with their hands and feet curling them round and then stretching out. So sweet to capture. There was limited space in this lovely home but it didn’t stop the variety of shots. I mention this because couples are often worried about photos in their home. Please don’t worry if you feel the same. I need very little room. I did want to take a few shots with her wearing little baby hats but Amala protested immediateley. So funny, the girl knows what she wants already. That’s fine, I am always led by what a baby or child is willing to do. Ideally, a one week to three week old baby is usually more sleepy and may not mind but Amala was a star hat or no hat. She will be showered with love, her Grandparents and extended family have all been visiting for lots of cuddles. Shout out to Indira who was glowing despite her getting up for feeds. I was told they had struggled to get any shots of Amala they were happy with and I was so glad to help out. It is difficult to capture yourself without the right lenses and understanding of light etc. Mum and Dad have lots to choose from but here are a few I particularly liked.

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