What if you have more images than the promised amount ?

For a typical wedding we mostly give more than the promised amount and will happily keep on editing. We go through them all ourselves to ensure you have the best. This is like an author writing a book and making sure you have the checked and fully edited final copy.

Are you insured ?

Yes we are fully insured.

how Do you look after our images to keep them safe during an event

We each have a special holder attached to ourselves which contains our used cards so that as we change cards the images shot are attached to us and not in a bag laying around the venue. As soon as we get home, no matter how late, we download them and back them up. In addition, we have enough cards so that we do not erase/re use the cards until we have fully edited your session and a second set of the finished images are then stored away from home, just in case.

what gear do you use ?

We each have our own set of gear which is all Canon. Our cameras save to two cards instead of one. We have several lenses from zoom to macro, wide angle and everything in between. All best quality Canon. We also carry spare camera bodies.

What if you are ill on the day ?

We are both capable of shooting an event alone. If we were both ill we have other photographer colleagues we can call on. For a Portrait shoot we would reschedule. We are both fully vaccinated.

How long do we have to wait for the images ?

For a Portrait shoot we usually take two weeks. For events it is usually 4 weeks. We hand edit ourselves and don't out source. We believe in offering a very personal service. The wedding images are presented to you as high res jpegs on a USB together with a slideshow. For mini shoots we provide a digital download.

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