Hertfordshire Portrait Photography – Fenella & Simon

Simon and Fenella are getting married in June and we cant wait ! They decided that they wanted their engagement shoot on the farm which is also where the wedding will take place. We always love farm shoots and often arrange family and couple shoots at rural locations for two reasons. The first is that it is always private and the second is the texture of wood and metals are in abundance. Simon and Fenella happened to meet at this Farm which belongs to Fenella’s family when Simon came along to work there a few years ago. It was great to hear about the chats they had and use these locations for their engagement shoot. Fenella was particularly uncomfortable about the idea of being in front of a camera. A keen photographer herself, she would prefer to be behind the lens. You would never guess that she felt uncomfortable looking at the results, she very quickly relaxed with us as we wandered, laughed, chatted and drank tea. They have some lovely plans and listening to them on the shoot had us wishing the wedding was sooner. It was great to get the animals involved as they are a big part of their lives and Fenella particularly relaxed with the animals at the end of the shoot. My favorite part of the afternoon was when I found the bath tubs. We didn’t move them, they were just sitting there perfectly placed and begging to be used. The very first picture below is the laughs they had when Fenella’s  Mum came around the corner on her ride on mower where she was busy making the gardens look beautiful. “What on earth are you doing sitting on that bath tub”  were her words and the look of surprise on her face was what started the fit of laughter. To me it was like spotting a little studio. I really love the way they turned out and hope they can see that it wasn’t such a mad idea.

Thank you for the tea and a lovely afternoon. We can’t wait to return ………………

Karen and Doug xx

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