Cambridgeshire Baby Photography – An Afternoon with Leo

It was great to meet up with Vicky and David again at the weekend and meet the new edition to their family, gorgeous baby Leo. You may remember Vicky and David’s Ashridge wedding blog post here. They were married on the 13th October after being together for 13 years. Baby Leo was scarily or amazingly born on the 13th ! When we arranged the shoot we had forgotten all the links to thirteen and made a plan to meet up with them on the, yes you guessed it 13th !  To me they seem like the luckiest family in the world :)  It was fab to spend the afternoon with this lovely family a bit like meeting up with old friends. We allowed Leo to dictate the afternoon and just hung out over tea and biscuits when he was sleeping. I love the relaxed shots in the park and hoped we could get some shots of them just being a family as if there were no cameras pointing at them. David and Vicky have taken some truly amazing shots themselves already of little Leo but wanted some with them as a family and some of our interpretation of Leo. David is a keen photographer, we keep telling him he should take up photography as a career as he has a natural talent. I wanted to also take a few shots of Leo’s nursery because I think that sometimes when I look back at my own personal family shots everything is a lovely memory including prams, toys and cots etc.

It was so lovely to see you again and meet Leo. Best wishes to you all ……

Karen and Doug xx

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