Merry Christmas From Howell Photography

We are here once again on Christmas Eve with a coffee and a mince pie just doing a few chores but the plan is to put our feet up for a few days. I still have some baking to do but I quite enjoy that on Christmas Eve. Doug made the Christmas cake for me which is his job every year and he does it very well thanks to the other woman in his life, Mary Berry. Looking through the images for something festive was easy this year because we photographed a most fabulous winter wedding mid December. I will be blogging a full post from that wedding soon but loved and wanted to share the below image for the way it is subtle, has a Christmas feel but doesn’t scream Christmas. I wish Sophie and Guy below and all of the people we have photographed this year, the newlyweds, the children and babies and extended families a very Merry Christmas. We never forget all of our past couples most of whom stay in touch which is lovely and of course we wish them all a Merry Christmas. If it is as merry and family oriented as some of the Weddings we have been part of then I know you will be having a blast together. I have been very slow blogging this year and still have much from the year to share as well as some more supplier spotlights and ideas if you are planning a wedding next year. Come back for those during the winter months.

So all that is left for us to say is a huge HAPPY CHRISTMAS to our family, friends, fellow photographers, suppliers, clients past and present. Best wishes to all of you.

Karen and Doug xx

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