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Sophie and Tom wedding

Sophie and Tom were married a few weeks ago. The Marriage took place at Ely registry Office and the reception was held in their new home, they have been so busy. They have purchased and renovated their house, are about to have a baby and also got married within months. They were painting right up to the night before the wedding and had gone to a lot of trouble to get everything looking great.

So Sophie and Tom decided they didn’t want a venue. All that was important to them was to get married with their families by their side to celebrate with them. They still had wedding clothes, they still had flowers, emotional speeches, confetti, cake and wedding photographers (us). Everything a traditional wedding would have other than the venue. They had the best day ever and said after they would not change a thing.

Professional Photography and family memories are very important both to Sophie and Tom. We had planned to hit the streets of Ely to take photos but the weather scuppered that. I knew the weather would clear later so we decided to capture some photos in the village where they now live. Just behind their house was a kind of old churchyard with what appeared to be a village hall in the middle which I was told was used for the people in the village. It made a nice backdrop. It all worked out great and they were glad they changed their plans. I did a maternity shoot a few weeks ago and will be back to photograph their baby when she arrives in the next few weeks. Congratulations to you both and see you soon.

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