Goodbye weddings – Hello families – Howell Photography.

Goodbye weddings – Hello families

We have been shooting weddings for seventeen years and this year made the difficult decision to stop shooting weddings altogether. It’s time to step back, recharge, regain our summers a little more and spend time with our own family. We have tried to finish booking them for two years but still clients found us, asked us and we just could not say no. Lovely sounding emails and beautiful venues it proved hard to stop. Our last few weddings were great and we really had to ask ourselves if we were doing the right thing. Sadly I lost my Mum at the end of last year and I realised when looking through our own family photos that life passes in a flash. We have had a blast and have so many memories and made memories for so many others. We feel proud of every single wedding we have shot. Here is a last look back at some of our favourite shots. We are not stopping altogether. I am going into family photography so newborns, babies, christenings etc. Doug will occasionally join me around his commercial work. It would be impossible for us to completely stop as we love what we do. If your wedding is not here please don’t think we didn’t enjoy it. Some of our older wedding images are stored on hard drives at the back of our loft so these are a handful of the accessible ones I liked. All of our wedding blogs including the older ones will still be on the website until it gets full and my I T guy tells me I need to move them off. Thank you to everyone who invited us to capture their wedding. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness towards us and for recommending us to so many people.

Do get in touch if you would like your family captured. Many of you have done that already. Much love to you all xx

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