Howell Photography – Why I am loving Black and White

Why I am loving Black and White right now ? I am currently rearranging and redesigning my website and was drawn to upload more of the previous black and white images that we had produced over the years. I also very recently decided to tidy our old personal photos which we keep in a large wooden box. We came across Doug’s late parents wedding images and the whole set is black and white. How timeless they felt, almost iconic. When we edit a wedding there are always shots that we decide look better in colour and other shots better monotone. I recently came across a family portrait photographer who does not offer colour at all. I spent a lot of time enjoying her images as I studied them closer. When printed off in a home it’s often the black and white images that end up in frames on a wall. They do look somehow more stylish probably because they blend in with any colour scheme.

I don’t think any couple who have agonised over the colour scheme of their flowers and bridesmaid dresses however would then want to see them all converted. Back then when Doug’s parents married the photographer popped a black and white film roll in their camera and that’s what they got back. Is it the same for portraits I ask myself, will clients want to look back and remember a Childs hair colour or their bright blue eyes or even that cute little yellow dress as hair colours change and that dress has probably been passed on or thrown away.

I think it’s because we tend to look more at what is happening in the image and the story it tells when we are not distracted by the colour. Right now we are all thinking more deeply about our families and each other and maybe reminiscing and thinking back as well as forward. Right now I really do believe that photos capturing that one little moment we can only return to in our minds are worth printing off and savouring. Photos become so valuable to us and as time moves on they will hold even more value to your children. I think a good selection of great photos in an album or box and not on a cloud or in your phone is a must for everyone.

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